Sliding open



Two very light tablets with invisible hollow recesses at their bottom slide silently and easily open on the table's very powerful sliding mechanism. It's hard to imagine that each tablet weighs 48 Kg! This system is carried by a hollow mobile foot on ultra strong wheels. To these tablets to carry, slide open or add this table of an advanced system tray that allows you to fine-tune all possible unevenness can stainless steel by an added refined mechanism. All this is hidden by a cover plate with open hole to all accessories in these.

Available Accessories

BBQ, bio-burner, ice shelf, bottle holder.

Duqasch Outdoor 01 Sliding Open Model
Duqasch Outdoor Sliding Open Model 01
Duqasch Outdoor Sliding Open Model 02 Closeup
Duqasch Outdoor Sliding Open Model Garden
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